103.7 The Buzz and Doublebees proudly present

Welcome to 103.7 The Buzz's 14th Annual Buzz B-Q!

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Buzz B-Q has become THE premier BBQ event in Central Arkansas with the featured BBQ contest including Pro-Joes and Average Joes. In 2017 Buzz B-Q hosted 85 teams and over 3,000 turned out to sample and vote on the best BBQ in the area! This year a GRAND CHAMPION will be crowned in each division to see who is really King (or Queen) of the BBQ! Be sure to join in the fun!

THE 14TH ANNUAL BUZZ B-Q, hosted by KABZ 103.7 The Buzz and presented by Doublebee's, will be held on Saturday, May 12th, 2018, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Downtown Riverside R.V. Park in North Little Rock. Need directions?


Current 2017 champions:

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2017 Pro Division
Grand Champion:

Team Comwboy Q

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2017 Joe Division
Grand Champion:

Martin Borchert Booty Backers

Bring on the Competitors!

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The ordinary AVERAGE JOE category is your "backyard style griller." He usually doesn't have a huge trailer or commercial gear. Don't get me wrong, he sure is proud of his BBQ! The Average Joe competition features prizes including trophies, prize packs, and bragging rights for the year! 

The PRO JOE would bet his paycheck that he has the best BBQ in Town! He has his buddies to prove it! According to his buddies, he should be opening his own restaurant. The PRO catagory features trophies as well as cash prizes!

Each division features a Grand Champion title that's up for grabs! The competition is fierce, but if you and your team are up to the challenge, then come out and show us what you got!

There's a lot going on during Buzz B-Q! We've got great photos and videos to check out, so take a look in our gallery to see all the food and fun. We even have aerial videos to watch!

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